Germany Sets Up a New Greenhouse Facility for Organic Vegetables

March 04 2022

In recent days, VDH FolieKassen from the Netherlands has build a greenhouse in Germany. The greenhouse was built at Ackerlei Bioland Betrieb in Bruchkobel. It is an F-clean-covered foil greenhouse of around 8,000 m.


The greenhouse is mainly built for growing organic vegetables. Due to being fitted with an F-clean film and a thin ETFE film (Fluoropolymer), allow more light than glass and is specially made for horticultural greenhouses. If properly used and stretched, the polycarbonate, PE foil, and PMMA sheets can last up to 20 years. The F-clean sheet has 4-5% more light transparency than glass which is up to 94%.

The ability of F-clean films that allows the full spectrum of UV light to pass through it, is a positive feature for maintaining the quality of organically grown vegetables. The constant flow of UV light prevents the vegetables from being vulnerable to diseases and also the vegetables stay fresh for longer hours. The plants that are grown inside the F-clean greenhouse can also be compared with the plants that are grown in outdoor conditions. The F-clean film also has self-cleaning and anti-drip properties. It also has high refraction and reflection ratio and has no degrading effect from the sunlight whatsoever.

Energy Efficient

The greenhouse is the concoction of organic cultivation and impacting the environment in the least possible way. The greenhouse has energy-saving fabrics, double foiling, pipe rail heating for efficient energy savings, and a screen. In regard to these technologies, the user saves up to 40% of energy.

Ackerlei Bioland

The Ackerlei bioland is a 40 hectares bioland, which is used for the cultivation of organic vegetables. The vegetables are grown by practicing and following the principles of organic agriculture. These organic vegetables with top-notch quality are supplied to the market and farm shops.

Currently, the land is being used for the cultivation of 40 different kinds of vegetables, such as potatoes, lettuce, and others.

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Source: Krishi Jagran