Panchayats will set up apple orchards on government land

July 27 2021

In Himachal Pradesh, gram panchayats will plant apple or other fruit orchards on government land under their control. Where gardens have grown, they will be further improved. The proceeds from this will be spent on development works. Some panchayats have orchards of apples or other fruits. They are earning very good income. In view of this, the government has called for details in this regard from the panchayats of the state.

Which panchayat has how much apple orchard or any other fruit orchard? How much income does it make? How much is hay auctioned and what proceeds come from donations or other sources. How much land is vacant? The Sixth Finance Commission of the state has sought details in this regard from the gram panchayats of the state. A 22-page format has been prepared for the survey. In this, the details of the finer details have been sought.

There are 3615 panchayats in the state. All of them have been asked to fill this format. For example, there is an apple orchard on about 40 bighas of land in Kyari, a gram panchayat of Shimla district. It has 1000 to 3000 boxes every year if the weather is favorable. Every year fruit auctions are held from this orchard. The total income ranges from 10 to 15 lakhs.  

Whether the panchayats have not made illegal occupations, it will also have to be given information whether the

village panchayats have not made illegal occupations, the government has also sought details of this. It has also been asked that if so, then information should also be given about the steps taken for restoration of possession. Information has also been sought from the Patwari about such certified land, in which no building is constructed. Details of permanent properties like shops, inns etc. have also been sought. Details have also been sought for the fees charged on various schemes like cleaning of streets, registration of animals, marriage registration etc.

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Source: Amar Ujala