Saffron cultivation will change the fate of Himachal farmers

July 05 2021

Saffron cultivation in Chamba, Kullu, Mandi and Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh will change the fate of the farmers. 35 to 49 quintals of saffron seeds will be sown on 25 kanals of land in four districts. In Bharmour, Teesa, Saluni, eight to nine quintals of saffron seeds will be given to the farmers for six kanals of land.

In fact, saffron is cultivated at an altitude of 1500 to 2500 meters above sea level. After the planting of saffron seeds, if it gets irrigation facility, then it gives a good crop. The high altitude areas of Bharmour, Saluni and Teesa of Chamba have been selected for the cultivation of saffron. Flowering has taken place in the saffron cultivation planted on a trial basis in Bharmour, Saluni and Teesa.

Dr. Rakesh Rana, senior expert of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Palampur said that MoU has been signed with the state government for the cultivation of saffron in Chamba, Kullu, Mandi and Kinnaur. In four districts, 35 to 40 quintals of saffron seeds will be planted in 25 kanals of land. At the same time, Director Sanjay Kumar said that the cultivation of saffron is being promoted with the aim of strengthening the economy of the farmers. Farmers are being made aware. 

Asafoetida, saffron will flourish in Nachan, Saraj 

Now asafetida and saffron will bloom along with cash crops in the fields of the farmers of Nachan and Saraj. Courtesy of IHBT Palampur, the Agriculture Department will motivate the farmers to cultivate Asafoetida and Saffron to strengthen the economy of the farmers. After successful trials of Asafoetida and Saffron in the area in the year 2019-20, now the Agriculture Department has made preparations to cultivate Asafoetida and Saffron in the area as a pilot project. Agriculture subject matter expert Dharamchand Chauhan informed that 60 farmers of saffron and 35 farmers will be made to cultivate asafetida and saffron through IHBT department. 

Saffron will be cultivated here 

Nachan and Saraj now have Chalchowk, Moviseri, Khanyari, Ohan, Badin, Tandi, Kunsot Jail, Karnala, Ger, Bhalothi, Bagh, Rahidhar, Ohan, Tandi, Katyandi, Sharan, Dhalwas, Qurahani, Khanyari, Bah Majothi, Chakdayala, Karsala, Asafoetida and saffron will be cultivated in Dungadhar, Shamanosh, Baniseri, Shangri, Sayanj, Muratan, Pangaliyur, Gwad, Kaphalu, Tarour, Segli Kadhi, Bagh, Balhari Burhata, Majothi, Sunathar, Tili Kadhi Shilah and Sakraini. 

After successful trials of asafoetida and saffron in Nachan, Seraj, now it will be cultivated by farmers in the entire block. Cold and hot areas of the region have been marked for cultivation. About 100 farmers of Nachan and Saraj will cultivate asafoetida and saffron- Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Scientist IHBT

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Source: Amar Ujala