Rockstar Tomato blown farmers senses, neither shape nor color came

July 06 2021

Rockstar Tomato has blown the senses of farmers in Solan district. Tomato has neither shape nor color since five months. Due to the bad shape of tomato, it is not getting good prices in the vegetable market. Arhtiyas are categorically refusing to take tomatoes. Forcibly, the farmers have broken it and thrown it on the side of the fields. Some farmers have started the work of uprooting the green crop of tomatoes. This problem has come only to those farmers who planted this seed of Rock Star Company.

However, last year this seed has had very good results. Due to this, farmers have planted it in huge quantity this time as well. The farmers have also given this information to the company management. The company s hands and feet have also swelled due to this problem in crops. It is not yet understood how this problem has come about in the seed. However, the company is promising to extend all possible help to the farmers. 

Plant healthy, fruit also good 

farmers this time bought tomato seeds from Rock Star Company and planted them in the fields. Its plants are healthy, the fruit has also come well, but the fruits which are showing are bad shape and there is also a mark of cat face on the tip of tomato. No one is ready to buy tomatoes with bad shape and cat face. The brokers in the market are not ready to buy the entire crate even for Rs 50. 

Problems in these areas 

Farmers are also complaining in other areas including Chada, Kashawala, Chail, Chilla near Solan, Mazgaon, Basal in the vicinity of Kandaghat. In many areas, farmers are preparing to plant other crops by uprooting the saplings. Harikrishna (Kaka) of Deoli s Ser village told that he has uprooted his tomato crop due to failure. Getting ready to plant another crop. The same problem has occurred in the crop of Tenjendra Thakur of Kashawala village. They have plucked tomatoes and thrown them on the side of the fields. 

Talking to farmers 

Rock Star Company s representative Devidas Thakur said that he got information about this through seed dealers. After this he himself visited the farmers fields. In the fields, tomato plants are healthy, setting is also good but fruits are of poor shape. Cat face mark is made on the tip of the fruit. This year the reason for this problem will be found out. He has spoken to many farmers and has assured that he will try to help in all possible ways.

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Source: Amar Ujala