Big news for the farmers growing wheat crop, the government took this big decision

September 02 2021

To facilitate the farmers, all kinds of steps are taken by the government so that they do not have to face any kind of problem during farming and our farmer brothers can become self-reliant. In this sequence, a similar step has been taken by the Rajasthan government in the interest of farmers, know about this recent step taken by the government.

Keeping in mind that the sowing of wheat will start in the month of October, the Rajasthan government has decided to give 50 percent subsidy on wheat seeds to the farmers, so that the farmer brothers do not face any kind of problem while getting the seeds. . Apart from this, farmers are also being provided assistance for crops like soybean, groundnut, bajra, besides wheat.

Get seeds like this

According to the decision of the Rajasthan government, seeds will be made available to the farmers on first serve and first serve basis. Farmer brothers can get this seed from Rajasthan Agriculture Department. For this, first of all, aadhar card, jamabandi, land permit will have to be made and submitted to the agriculture department. By completing this entire process, the farmer brothers can take advantage of this initiative of the government.

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Source: Krishi Jagran