September 06 2017


Light to moderate rain/thundershowers likely at isolated places during next 24 hours, at few places during subsequent 48 hours. Outlook for subsequent two days: Rain/thundershowers likely at isolated places. The maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to remain between 30-35oC and 21-26oC, respectively. The maximum relative humidity is expected to remain between 80-90 % and minimum between 60-70 % during these days. 

In paddy field, if urea is to be applied with the help of leaf colour chart, apply 25 kg urea/acre only if 6 leaves out of 10 are lighter than shade no 4 of leaf colour chart. Don’t apply fertilizer to PR-126 and PR-124 as these varieties started earning. Plant hopper can be controlled by spraying the crop with 40 ml Confidor or Crocodile 17.8 SL or 800 ml of Ekalux/Quinguard/Quinalmass 25 EC or one litre Coroban/Dursban 20 EC in 100 litres of water. To control Stem borer and Leaf folder in paddy, farmers are advised to apply PAU recommended insecticides i.e. Fame 480 SC @ 20 ml or Mortar 75 SG @ 170 g or Marktriazo/ Sutathion 40 EC @ 350 ml or  Coroban/Durmet/Force 20 EC @ 1000 ml in 100 litres of water per acre.

Drain out excessive water from the cotton and maize field. If the incidence of whitefly in cotton is above ETL (6 adults/leaf before 10 am), spray either 80g Ulala 50 WG (flonicamid) or 200g Polo/Craze/Ruby/Ludo/Shoku 50 WP (diafenthiuron) per acre. For the management of whitefly nymphs, spray either Oberon/Voltage 22.9 SC (spiromesifen) @ 200 ml/acre or Lano 10 EC (pyriproxyfen) @ 500 ml/acre. For the management of Thrips, spray 500 ml Curacron/Carina 50 EC (profenophos) per acre. For control of Jassid, spray Ulala 50WG (flonicamid) @ 80g or Osheen 20 SG (dinotefuran) @ 60g or Actara/Extra Super/Dotara/Thomson 25WG (thiamethoxam) @ 40 g per acre. Farmers are advised to remain vigilant and undertake need-based spray of insecticides.

To control leaf blight in maize, spray the crop with Indofil M 45 @ 200 g in 100 litre of water. To protect chilli crop from die back and fruit rot, spray Indofil M-45 or Blitox @ 750 g/acre at 10 days interval using 200 litres of water. Spray 100 ml Sumicidin 20 EC or 200 ml Ripcord 10 EC or 160 ml Decis 2.8 EC or 800 ml Ekalux 25 EC or 500 ml triazophos in 100-125 litres of water against fruit and shoot borer of brinjal. The attack of Jassid on bhindi can be reduced by spraying 560 ml of Malathion 50 EC. It is also a right time for sowing of cauliflower nursery of mid season varieties. 

Drain out excessive rainwater from orchards as early as possible. It is suitable time for planting of evergreen fruit plant. PAU fruit fly traps can be fixed @ 16/acre in citrus orchards during this period and recharge the same if required. In Citrus, fruit drop can be managed with application of Bavistin 1.0 g or Tilt @1.0 ml or Ziram @ 2.5 ml per liter water. Sooty mould can be checked with application of Ziram @ 2.5 ml + Ethion @2.0 ml per liter water. For the management of Phytophthora in citrus, drench the soil with Matco or Ridomil Gold or Curzet @ 25 25 g per 10 liter water per plant. For the management of Anthracnose in grapes, spray Bordeaux mixture (2:2:250) during this period. 

Animals usually lose weight after calving during first 100 days. Hence farmers should follow practices of good management and balanced feeding e.g. quality green fodder, balance feed and mineral mixture so that the weight loss is minimum. Provide dry bedding to young calves during these days and follow the recommended practices of deworming and vaccination.