Vet Varsity Scientist brings laurels by bagging a Patent on Buffalo Milk Protein Concentrate

May 27 2022

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, (GADVASU), Ludhiana has added another feather to its cap by obtaining a patent for the technology of Buffalo Milk Protein Concentrate. The inventors of this technology, from the College of Dairy Science and Technology, Dr Sunil Kumar and Sh. Kuldeep Dudi asserted that till date, there was no process for the concentration and drying of buffalo milk protein that can maintain the solubility and other functionality of final powder. Though there was a well-established methodology for the preparation of cow milk based milk protein concentrate but, no such process was available for buffalo milk. It was because of the differences in the ionic and protein environment of buffalo and cattle milk. It was a big challenge and the developed novel technology of the GADVASU suitably addresses the problem by modifying the ionic and protein environment of buffalo milk for the production of highly soluble and functional buffalo milk protein concentrate.   
Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor congratulated the inventors of the technology and emphasized that the developed technology would open newer avenues for industry and will increase the opportunities of value addition of buffalo milk as a premium source for the production of quality protein powders. Hence, it will boost the demand of buffalo milk worldwide. He further stressed that the technology would also help in the enhancement of income and the livelihood of our farmers.
Dr. J.P.S. Gill, Director Research highlighted the importance of the developed technology and said that the concentrated protein is from buffalo milk thus, it would be free from any type of protein allergy as seen in most of the other protein concentrates available in the market. He also highlighted that the technology is ready to transfer and easy to replicate at industrial level.
Dr. Ramneek, Dean of college while congratulating the scientists said that the developed buffalo milk based highly soluble and functional protein concentrate contains both the proteins of milk, i.e. casein and whey protein, thus, considered a potent source of quality protein for the consumers. He revealed that the developed high protein concentrate can also be used for the development of functional food products, high protein food products, nutritional bars, sports products, supplements, etc.