Now Haridwar vegetables will be sold in Dubai markets, this will happen for the first time

July 30 2021

Very soon the vegetables grown in Haridwar district will be eaten by the people of Dubai. The Horticulture Department is preparing to export the vegetables of the district to foreign countries as well. Under this, for the first time on July 24, consignment of vegetables of Haridwar district was sent to Dubai through APEDA. Horticulture officials believe that if this deal is successful then it will prove to be a milestone for Haridwar district. 

It is worth mentioning that Haridwar district has already stood first in the state in terms of agriculture. At the same time, Haridwar has not lagged behind in vegetables and horticulture. Very soon vegetables from Haridwar district will be seen being sold in the markets of Dubai.

In fact, the Department of Horticulture is sending consignment of vegetables of Uttarakhand to Dubai through Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the Ministry of Industry, Government of India. Chief Agriculture Officer Narendra Yadav said that till now the vegetables of Uttarakhand have been sent at the national level.

For the first time, vegetables of the state are being sent internationally. In this, consignment of vegetables from Haridwar district is also being exported to Dubai through APEDA. If this deal works, then very soon the vegetables of Haridwar will be sold abroad. He told that on July 24, vegetables have been sent to Dubai by plane.

Haridwar district will become the hub of Garhwal division

In the first phase, APEDA will export vegetables from Garhwal division itself. In such a situation, consignment has been sent to 24, which includes vegetables of the farmers of Garhwal division. Chief Horticulture Officer Narendra Yadav said that in the first phase, Garhwal division has been taken.

For this, Haridwar district will be made the main market, because the geographical conditions of Haridwar district are favorable for international vegetable trade. The railway to the airport is also very close to transporting vegetables here.

Cucumber and Pumpkin have different identities

Although a lot of vegetables are produced in Haridwar district, but in these, cucumber and turai have their own special identity. Roorkee Horticulture Officer Rajesh Prasad Jasola told that the size of cucumber and turai remains normal here. At the same time its quality has also increased. In the district, there is more production of indigenous cucumber than hybrid. Its market demand is also high.

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Source: Amar Ujala