Government to Provide Solar Pumps to 20 Lakh Farmers at only 10% Cost

October 23 2021

In view of the increasing gap between the supply and demand of energy in the country, the government is exploring many alternatives of energy. The government has made arrangements for the farmers to install solar pumps for free in the farmers fields through PM Kusum Yojana.

The process of online application has also been started online. The government has set a target of providing solar pumps to 20 lakh farmers this year.

Benefits under PM KUSUM

PM Kusum Yojana is being run by the Government of India for the farmers. Through this scheme, solar pumps are provided to the farmers for irrigation at a subsidy of 90 percent. This means farmers will have to pay just 10% of the total cost. By installing solar pumps, farmers can irrigate their fields throughout the day.

At the same time, by selling the remaining electricity, the farmer can get additional income sitting at home.

According to the information, a target has been set to run three crore pumps of the country with solar energy by the year 2022 under the Kusum scheme. For this, the government has started the process of applying in the recent past.

Through PM Kusum Yojana, you can install solar pumps for irrigation of your fields. Along with this, farmers can also get solar energy units installed on barren land through Kusum Yojana. Under which the surplus power saved from the farmer s field can be sold to the electricity department and take income. Once solar power is installed, income can be obtained without any expenditure for 25 consecutive years. With the same solar pump, farmers can irrigate their fields throughout the day.

How to Apply for PM KUSUM and Free Solar Pump?

To take advantage of Kusum Yojana, farmers have to apply on the online portal. During the online application, complete information has to be provided by the farmers. After the selection of the farmer on the basis of the information in the application, the farmer is informed by phone.

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Source: Krishi Jagran