Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)

Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)

Objectives of the Mission are: Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme for the hopstic growth of the horticulture sector covering fruits, vegetables, root & tuber crops, mushrooms, spices, flowers, aromatic plants etc. At present this scheme is implemented in the state with funding pattern of 60:40 i.e. Government of India (GOI) is contributing 60% and 40% is state share.

Type of Projects

    There are 2 types of plants covered under this scheme

    Project based

    No- Project based

1. Project based

1. Mushroom

    (a) Composting

    (b) production unit

    (c) Spown making unit

2. All types of cold stores

How to apply for project based

    1. Apppcation to district horticulture officer

    2. Bank sanction letter

    3. Map of the project

    4. Farad of land

    5. Detail project report (3 copies spiral binding with soft copies)

    6. Training Certificate

    7. Copy of Quotation

Terms & conditions :

    (A) Above document must be provided initally then case is sent to head office after approval from Head office project will be start.

    (B) On complation of the project it is inspected by group of officers (PAU Nominee, Local Hdo, district head, bank officer)

    (C) After inspection, the report will be submitted to head office so subsidy is than provided to benefisery loan account.

Non Project based :

    1. For New orcharde

    2. Poly house

    3. Bee keeping

    4. Vermicompost

How to Apply for Non- Project based :

    1. farmer register on horticulture portal

    2. Fill apppcation form

    3. Farad of land

    4. Passport size photo

    5. Bank account details

    6. Bill of expendture

    7. Lease details (If land is on lease)

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