Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA)

When started

Approved on 29th March, 2005

Highlights of the scheme

  • 237 ATMA at district level have been set up.
  • 252 districts across all the States/UTs in the country were covered under the scheme during the 10th Plan.
  • Creating Farmer Advisory Committee to improve feedback.
  • Using NGOs to organize farmers.
  • Encouraging private sector involvement in technology transfer.
  • Validation and refining technologies through research units in the district.
  • Bottom up planning procedure.
  • Increased use of Information Technology (ARIS, WWW)
  • In-service training to increase staff competence.
  • Developing new Public-Private partnerships.
  • Formation and strengthening of farmer's interest group.


  • To strengthen Research – Extension – Farmer linkages.
  • To provide an effective mechanism for co-ordination and management of activities of different agencies involved in technology adaption / validation and dissemination at the district level and below.
  • To increase the quality and type of technologies being disseminated.
  • To move towards shared ownership of the agricultural technology system by key shareholders.
  • To develop new partnerships with the private institutions including NGOs.


  • The scheme is supported by the Central Government.
  • The funding pattern is 90% by the Central Government and 10% by the State Government.
  • The 10% state’s share shall consist of cash contribution of the State, beneficiary contribution or the contribution of other non-governmental organizations.

Allocation of funds

  • The entire X Plan outlay (Rs.226.07 crores) for the scheme shall be utilized for activities to be implemented by States/ districts.
  • The decision on use of funds will be taken at 3 levels namely – Centre, State and District.
  • An amount of Rs. 167.56 crores amounting to 77.53% has been allocated for district level programmes.
  • An amount of Rs. 22.15 crores amounting to 10.25% has been allocated for State level programmes.
  • An amount of Rs. 26.41 crores amounting to 12.22% shall be available under the control of the Government of India.
  • This amount shall be utilized for innovative activities to be approved by the Government of India.
  • However, implementation of these activities will be done by States/districts.

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