Expert Advisory Details

Posted by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
2022-06-17 14:13:44

Suggestions to protect fruit trees from extreme heat

FRUITS: To protect the fruit pants from summer heat, apply light irrigations at regular intervals especially to citrus, pear, litchi, mango orchards bearing fruit in this season.

  • White wash mixture can be applied on the main trunks of the fruit trees to protect them from intense heat.
  • Thatches or coverings can be erected to save the young fruit plants from intense heat with straw of date palm leaves.
  • Apply frequent watering to young as well as nursery plants also.
  • Paddy straw mulching in guava orchards can be done in this month to suppress weeds and to conserve water. Before mulching apply recommended dose of inorganic fertilizers to plants.
  • Avoid cultivation of orchard soil in this month except guava and ber orchards. Integrated weed management practices can be adopted to suppress the weed growth.