Expert Advisory Details

Posted by Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana
2021-04-07 14:43:33

Suggestion for Farmers cultivating Wheat, Cotton and Sugarcane crops

WHEAT: In wheat crop, the ear heads of gulli danda plants should be removed/ cut with the sickle or any other method, before they produce viable seeds. The adoption of this practice will significantly decrease gulli danda in next season wheat crop.

  • As weather will be clear after 48 hours, farmers can start harvesting of early sown wheat crop and threshing of mustard crop
  • Do not burn wheat straw although plough it in the field.

COTTON: Farmers are advised to be ready for the sowing of recommended varieties/hybrids of cotton including Bt cotton or desi cotton. Sow seeds in polythene bags to fill gaps in cotton. Farmers are advised to sow the crop during morning and evening hours.

SUGARCANE: Irrigate the crop at 7-12 days interval for better growth of the crop. Apply 65 kg urea to ratoon crop. Apply paddy straw or rice husk or sugarcane trash @ 20-25 q/acre between the rows of sugarcane to reduce soil temperature and moisture loss.