Expert Advisory Details

Posted by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
2022-06-22 11:29:39

How to protect chickens in summer season

Poultry Farming: Provide double number of waterers for increasing space to meet increasing requirement of water. Change the water frequently to provide cool water. Provide cool air flow using desert coolers, and use sprinklers and foggers to reduce heat stress.

  • Sprinkling of water around the shed and more green area surrounding the shed is helpful in reduction of heat. White washing of poultry shed from outside will be helpful in reflecting the sun rays back from the shed.
  • Increase protein, minerals and vitamins in feed as the feed intake is reduced during summer. Provide electrolytes in drinking water.
  • Provide no light to growers of 6-16 week age but layers must be provided light at night and early in morning to compensate for the decreased feed consumption during the day time. 
  • Get your birds of 6-8 weeks of age vaccinated with injection of R2B Ranikhet disease. Do not give this vaccine in drinking water or lassi. In the case of an outbreak of Ranikhet disease immediately give R2B vaccine injection to healthy birds to avoid further loss. Provide vitamin supplemented water to vaccinated birds.
  • If there is sudden fall in egg production or mortality, consult the Poultry Expert immediately.