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Mandeep Verma

(Kiwi Fruit)

How a Farmer is earning Lakhs of money from barren land

Land is everything to a farmer. Yield of the crop will directly depend on how fertile the land is. But if the land will be barren, then there would be no hope left for a farmer. There is a farmer from Himachal Pradesh who is earning good money by doing farming on barren and unproductive land.

Mandeep Verma, after completing his MBA, served 4-5 years in Wipro Pvt. Ltd. But he was not satisfied with his job and returned to Solan with his wife. He decided to do farming on his land, in Solan, which was not productive. He didn’t want to do conservative farming like all the farmers generally do. He decided to do something different from others and ended up at choosing horticulture.

To make this view a reality, he first got complete information about the weather in his area, then he met the doctors at Agricultural University and got the knowledge about horticultural crops cultivation. Then he decided to do Kiwi farming.

To know everything about Kiwi, i went to the university library and read a number of books on Kiwi farming. I also met University professors and then i started the Kiwi farming – Mandeep Verma

After meeting with Horticulture department of Solan and professors in Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University, he decided to prepare Kiwi orchard in 2014. He made the Kiwi orchard in 14 bigha land.

In this garden, he planted the Alicene and Hayward varieties of kiwi plant. He invested about 14 lakh rupees on his kiwi farm and then in 2017, he made a website to sell the kiwi fruit.

The attempt made to bring fruits directly from orchard to the customer was successful – Mandeep Verma

The supply of Kiwi is done after the online order is received from the website. The delivery is available in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.

All the information regarding harvesting and packing of the fruit is given on the box. A packing of 1 kg fruit is prepared and sold at Rs 350 but price of kiwi in Solan is Rs 150/kg.

According to Mandeep, kiwi cultivation in India is originated from Himachal Pradesh. But now Arunachal Pradesh contributes 60% of the total Kiwi production in India.

Mandeep cultivates the kiwi using organic methods only. He knows the importance of organic farming that’s why he prepares the vermicompost himself.

The kiwi that we grow in our farm, does not get perished for 2 months – Mandeep Verma

After successful results in Kiwi farming, he started Apple farming in 2018. He believes in “Zero Budget Farming”


Due to getting success in Kiwi farming, in 2019, Mandeep was awarded with “Progressive Farmer Award” in Kisan Mela, HP.

Future Planning

Currently Mandeep Verma has two nurseries and he want to increase the number.

“Before doing any type of farming, weather related information of the place should be obtained. Every type of information is available on social media, so we must use it properly. To get more profits, we should go for organic farming and Zero Budget Farming.”