Amarjeet Singh Dhami

(Food Processing)

Entrepreneur Bringing Revolution in the Diabetes World with His Low Glycemic Index Products

Today, India has over 65.1 million Diabetics and with this fact, it is very clear that Diabetes is spreading like a plague which is an alarming situation for us. The main thing responsible for the increase in the number of diabetic patients is not only unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy food, but the main reason is that the consumer is unaware about the basic product he is consuming at his home. Understanding this perplexing situation and with the motive to bring a healthy change in the society, Amarjeet Singh Dhami came up with the initiative to beat this widespread disease with his low GI Herbal Products.

Glycemic Index or GI
GI measures that how carbohydrate-containing food increases your blood glucose level. Food with high GI increases blood glucose more than the food with the medium or low GI.

After Graduating in B. Tech Agriculture in 2007 and then pursuing career as an Irrigation Designer for 3 years in a US-based company, Amarjeet Singh Dhami decided to start up his own business through which he can address the major health issues of the society. According to his research, he found Diabetes the prime prevailing health issue and that’s when he decided to launch his own line of herbal products for Diabetic Patients.

Agrineer Food was the brand name with which he came up in 2011 and later on changed it into Overra Herbals. Getting trained under food processing training from Department of Food Processing, Punjab Agriculture University, he launched his first product with the name Diaflour which is Diabetic Friendly Flour for Diabetic Patients and other people can also use it for a healthy lifestyle.

Amarjeet Singh Dhami was well aware of the fact that establishment of a new brand product demands a lot of input and efforts. He systematically approached the market by the establishment of processing plant in Ludhiana, then the establishment of market retail chain and its expansion. He builds up a proficient team by including Ayurveda Doctors, Marketing Specialist and PhD. experts in his venture. Moreover, to ensure the purity of the material, he formed a group of farmers practicing organic farming and started selling their organic pulses under his brand.

Well, the main thing with which a diabetic patient has to fight is the sweetness and keeping this thing in mind, Amarjeet Singh Dhami started his research work almost 4-5 years back before launching his main product for the diabetic patients. After the research work, Mr. Dhami came up with Diabeat Sugar.

Normally sugar has 70 Glycemic Index but Diabeat Sugar has 43 Glycemic Index. This is the first time in the world that sugar is produced on the basis of Glycemic Index.

The main active ingredients of Diabeat Sugar which make it special than the common sugar available in the market are: Jamun, Fenugreek, Ginger, Garlic, Black Pepper, Bitter Gourd and Neem; and this is a patent technology of Overra Foods.

“Haldiram, Lovely Sweets, Gopal Sweets are some of the brands with which presently Overra Food is dealing and supplying their Diabeat Sugar and Diaflour for the making Diabetic Friendly sweets.”

The only problem that Amarjeet Singh Dhami faced, in the beginning, was marketing and shelf life of products, but soon it was recovered too by producing according to the marketing demands. Presently main production units of Overra Food is located in Mysore and Ludhiana and its product range covers a large area with juices, chocolates, squashes, cookies made from Diabeat Sugar with low GI and these products are easily available across India.

Along with addressing the health issue, Mr. Dhami has also played a positive role towards corporate social responsibility by collaborating with Dr. Ramandeep; he has started an activity through which he helps the entrepreneurs with potential by chiselling their career under his training and guidance.

Future Plan:
Amarjeet Singh Dhami is planning to export his products to USA, Canada, Philippines and other Gulf Countries.

“This is the time when educated youth has a lot of opportunities to start up their own business rather than looking for a job which not even satisfies their basic demands, but patience is necessary to succeed.”

If you eat food like medicine then you will live a healthy life…
Amarjeet Singh Dhami