Rajpal Singh Gandhi

(Stevia Farming)


Have you tasted the success sweeter than sugar? You may have not, but this income tax consultant from Banga has tasted the success 400 times sweeter than the most common sweetener, sugar, with zero calories. Yes, I’m talking about stevia farming!

Rajpal Singh Gandhi has led a movement in India and in the coming time, it is surely going to change the world’s taste.

After advising people on choosing their investment wisely for a tenure of 10 years, finally, Rajpal Gandhi thought of entering the agriculture field. Unlike the other average farmers of Punjab, Rajpal Gandhi not only had the money to start a new venture and grow natural sweetener in the sub-mountainous area in Shivalik foothills but also open a processing plant with hard research.

Well, the beginning of entering agriculture field was not that smooth for Gandhi. He started with Kinnow orchards in 2003 over 35 acres, but due to lack of marketing facilities, he was forced to reduce the crop production to half till 2008.

“I also tried planting Gladiolus, Potato, and other vegetables, but as there was no improvement in the marketing facilities, so I switched to stevia farming and that was the wisest decision that I took.”

He started stevia farming on 6 acres of land, but as there was no processing unit, so his 10 years of hard work was of no use. At last, he contacted Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, to assemble a prototype for them. And after lakhs of investments, multiple shortcomings, research and meeting of many scientists, engineers, and innovators, they came up with a sweet result.

Today, Gandhi has the only stevia research laboratory in India and it is certified by the Indian Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). By taking a soft loan from the department of biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and technology this processing plant and research centre has been established. It almost took three years to completely set up the processing unit. Dreaming and then making that dream come true was easy for Gandhi because ministry liked his innovative idea.

Today his 12-crore stevia processing plant process around 5 tonnes of stevia leaves in a shift of 8 hours, which is equivalent to the crop of 5 acres.

Starting stevia processing plant was a challenge and Gandhi turned it into an opportunity, not only for him but for many other people who are now employed just because of Gandhi’s initiative. After establishing the tissue culture laboratory and the processing unit, today Gandhi’s company is developing the more improved varieties of stevia and after its cultivation and processing, they are selling it in a powdered form in small sachets and container. Today, stevia green tea manufactured by him is booming in the market, but this is not the end.

“The expense of cultivating stevia on 1 acre is almost equal to cultivating any other normal crop on 1 acre. If anybody is interested in stevia farming then we also provide plants, and if anyone wants to do it in a large area then we also provide the technology to multiply the plants according to the area.”

Gandhi’s work has lured Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh State Government towards him. He was invited by the chief secretary of Gujarat and after that, he signed a deal to grow stevia over 2500 acres in the Aravali and Kaparganj districts with 100% buy-back clause. He also signed an agreement with Uttar Pradesh medicinal plant board Lucknow to grow this sweet plant over 4,000 acres. The increasing prosperity of Gandhi was not a small spark that would vanish in no time, but it was an explosion which attracted Punjab Ex. Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal towards his work. Currently, Gandhi is in stevia promotion bureau in the state with Suresh Kumar as additional chief secretary. Not missing the chance he has already started helping the farmers in Punjab also (he is helping farmers in stevia cultivation over 25 acres in Gurdaspur, Ludhiana and Ferozepur district and slowly he will make sure that stevia cultivation area expands in Punjab by this season).

Well, these were some in-nation effects of Gandhi’s work. Even before establishing the processing plant, Gandhi visited China and South American countries like Columbia and Paraguay to know more about this plant. His visit made him sign the contract with Canadian Company Pixels Health for as much as Stevia powder Gandhi could process. Even Germans also visited his farm- Green Valley Stevia, after knowing about it.

Gandhi is also the only member from Punjab of Indian Council of Food and Agriculture, of which MS Swaminathan – “The father of Indian Green Revolution” is also a part of. In last September Gandhi was awarded by him and he declared that stevia growing was the sweet revolution for health.

In the coming time, Stevia is going to be the future crop. Japan’s 70% population has already switched to stevia and Gandhi is looking forward to investing there. Even his stevia product has also been approved by the Food and Safety Standards Authority of India in November 2015. Even Multi-National Companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola has also launched their new products called – Zero-Calorie Pepsi and Coke-life in which they are using stevia as sweetener and Gandhi is looking forward to investing in it.

Stevia is the future crop, as the plant life is up to 5 years once they are planted; and they can be harvested every after 4 months. For farmers as well as the citizens, stevia is a profitable venture as its market value is also good and it is healthy to consume.

From a fact- India had an estimated 31,705,000 diabetics in the millennium year which is estimated to grow by over 100% to 79,441,000 by 2030.


Gandhi says –

“In India, there is at least one sugar patient in every family and this is an alarming situation. But if we start using stevia in place of sugar then we can reduce the increasing number of the diabetic patient.”

Gandhi is doing his part in flourishing the agriculture field with new opportunities. You can also be the part of this venture by investing in stevia farming.


Our main mission is wealthy farmer and healthy society. Today, the falling economic condition is the main reason that is forcing the poor farmers to commit suicide, and for these types of shameful circumstances only we are responsible. To cover the losses, crop diversification is important, farmers should grow crops like Stevia and other medicinal plants, and state government and central government should act accordingly to make their plans more effective.