Mahak Singh

(Agriculture Expert)


Nowadays, very few people justify the true meaning of philanthropist and Mahak Singh is one of them.

Mahak Singh is a normal agriculture expert from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. For making his own retirement a positive experience for others, this man chose to help farmers by updating them with better farming methods.

From the beginning, Mahak Singh was interested towards agriculture, because he was from a farming background. He always felt a pull towards the land, towards that land which gave him everything throughout his life, and because of this reason agriculture still, exists in his life and plays an important role.

Well, in many farmer’s families it is a trend to give your child higher education so that he doesn’t have to be dependent on farming occupation and he can choose any other job profile as his career. But in Mahak Singh’s family, the situation was just opposite, his parents always inspired him towards agriculture, and that is why he chose B. Sc. Agriculture during his college time. After completing his college he got a government job in District Agriculture Department of Muzaffarnagar as a Subject Matter Expert.

“There was one more reason for choosing B.Sc. Agriculture, I wanted to help the unprivileged farmers who were not aware of better farming techniques and methods and after joining the hob as an agriculture expert I got a chance to do that.”

As being a farmer’s son, he always understood the common problems of farmers. While working in Agriculture Department, he was always posted in backward areas (tribal areas) like Sonbhadra, Lakhimpur, Mirzapur and Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh. During that time he used to work for poor farmers and he also rented a quarter near their village, so that, he can closely observe them and help them in farming. He devoted 40 years to his profession and got retired in July 2016.

His passion towards farming was so much that after retirement, he decided to devote the rest of his life to agriculture so that he can contribute to the farmer’s society and help them. Even today also if any farmer needs help at any odd hour of time, he is always ready to help them.

“I’m very grateful to my life that I got the opportunity to help farmers.”

To help the farmers he has especially created a Whats App Group by the name ‘Hello Kisaan’ and he is also using Facebook as a medium to reach farmers and help them. Even after serving the state service and helping farmers at such a great level, he never accepted or showed any kind of interest in any kind of award.

Future Plans:
In the future also he wants to continue his work and help the farmers.

Every farmer must get their land tested from the experts and check that which minerals are present in it and in what amount. So that they can grow crops accordingly and also add required bio-fertilizers.