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Rajnish Lamba


Rajnish Lamba is a successful horticulturist from Rajasthan. Having more than 20 years of experience in the field of orchard farming, today he is earning 10 times more profit than conventional farming. He took no training in farming before starting it and whenever he needs help, he refers agriculture related magazines, print media and internet. He has his own farm by the name Hardev Bagh and Udhyan Nursery, which is stretched in 4 acres of area where he has more than 3000 fruit trees of Lemon, Pomegranate, Bel Patra, Kinnow, Mosambi etc. His farm’s good yield and fruit quality has made marketing easy for him, because buyers send their trucks to his farm to purchase his produce. He also prepares nursery for commercial purpose and follow only organic farming to maintain the good yield of fruits.

Awards & Recognition

• Awarded by Agriculture Minister- Harji Ram Burdak in 2011 • Appreciated by Governor of Rajasthan - Kalyan Singh • Became member of Morarka Foundation in 2009 • Provides information and training without any cost to farmers. • Agriculture officers visit his orchard farm with group of farmers for events and training sessions. • Many articles on him has been published in the newspaper and magazines




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