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Rahul Kasnia

Goat Farming

Rahul Kasnia is a corporate retired, successful commercial goat farmer of Ramsara village of Fazilka District. After doing one year of research training on commercial goat farming from GADVASU and scientific goat farming training from CIRG, Makdoom, Mathura, he begin his own goat farming venture in 2015. With two years of experience, currently he is rearing more than 200 goats in his farm and has plans to increase the goat number up to 500. He is also very actively involved in improving the breed of Beetal Goat and his work is in progress.

Awards & Recognition

• Received CM Award for Progressive Farmer • Received National Breed Saviour Award • News & articles published on him in GADVASU Magazine- Vigyanak Pashu Palan, in June Month Edition of 2017


Goat Farming


MBA in Marketing

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