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Pavitar singh


Pavitar Singh was born in village Sonty (Amloah), district Fathegarh Sahib. At his grandfather's martyred, his father Mr. Jagjit Singh was only 6 months old, so all agriculture activities were done by his grandmother, Mrs. Jal Kaur. That time, they had 45 acre of land. From 1987 to 1998, they were doing sugarcane farming. From 1990, they started potato farming. Along with agriculture, Mr. Pavitar Singh started a shop of Agro- Chemicals. In 1992, he was working as a commission agent. In 1998, he started a potato cold store. Time and again, he produced new types of potatoes, wheat and seeds of paddy. After that, he worked with PEPSICO India Holding Pvt. Ltd. and Mahindra and Mahindra, I.T.C. company. Every year, he got information about new seeds from P.A.U. Ludhiana. In 2015 he got training on Dairy farming and in 2016, he started his own Dairy Farm with HF and Jersy breed of cows. He prepares silage for animals. Along with Dairy farm, is also practicing agriculture.

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