Yadwinder Singh

(Vegetable Nursery)

This Farmer from Punjab Opted Best Alternative Over Conventional Wheat-Paddy Cycle and Is Making Double Profit from It

Where rice & wheat cultivation continues to rule in Punjab, some farmers still lack alternatives. Farmers having small land holdings and less awareness are still stuck in the conventional cycle of wheat and paddy. But this young lad- Yadwinder Singh from Chak Bakhtu village of Bathinda district has shooed away the old practices of farming with nursery preparation and organic vegetable farming.

Yadwinder Singh, a boy aspiring to fulfil his millions of dreams, completed his diploma in Hotel Management after his graduation and then placed as a reputed chef in Singapore for two years. But he was not happy with his work and he was feeling that something was missing in his life. So he came back to Punjab and very strong-mindedly he decided to enter the farming field.

In 2015 he started his organic venture but before that he acted wisely to avoid future losses. As being a nimble-witted person he took help of internet and attended farmer fairs and begin with nursery farming of organic vegetables. To promote his brand, Yadwinder also designed a logo for his business.

In the first year of his farming venture, he earned up to 1 lakh and today he is making more than 2.5 lakhs from just 2 canals (5 acres). Along with farming he also started nursery management which includes seed preparation, soil management. He even does not need to go to the market to sell the seedlings, because farmers themselves visit his farm to buy the seedlings.

Today Yadwinder Singh is very happy with his occupation and income. In future he want to expand his domain and grow some more crops to reap good profit.

We know that government does not make enough effort to support the ordinary farmers. But farmers shouldn’t feel discouraged, because with strong determination and smart approach they can achieve what they want.