Rajveer Singh

(Dairy Farming)

Success Story of a Small Dairy Farm in Karnal That Produces 800 Ltrs Milk per Day

This is the success story of Rajveer Singh and the accomplishments of his dairy farm. Hailing from a small village of Karnal district (Haryana), Rajveer Singh never thought that his HF breed cow- Lakshmi, would be honoured with National Award for high milk production.

Rajveer Singh’s Lakshmi is a cow of Holstein Friesian breed which has the capacity to produce 60 Lt Milk every day which is much more as compared to other HF breed cows. Lakshmi has not only won awards for her high milk producing capacity but also for her beauty in many animal fairs at the national level. She has been a beauty champion at Punjab National Dairy Farming Fair.

Well, Lakshmi is just one high milk producing cow at the farm of Mr. Rajveer. All in all, there are total 75 cattle at his farm, from which Rajveer Singh is making a profit of around 15 lakh annually. His whole farm is built and expanded in 1.5 acres of land, in which you can see an amazing view of a scrum of cows (60 HF cows, 10 Jersey cows, 5 Sahiwal cows).

Rajveer Singh’s dairy has a total milk production capacity of 800 litres/ day. Out of which, he sells some of the milk in the market and the rest to Amul Dairy. It’s been 8 years since he is actively involved in dairy farming and with his all efforts and expertise he tries to take care of his cows.

No amount of money can weaken the bond of Rajveer Singh and his cows…
Rajveer Singh is so much attached to his cows and dairy work that once he even refused a big businessman from Bangalore to sell his cow Lakshmi in 5 lakh rupees. Businessman visited Rajveer Singh’s farm to buy his cow and was ready to offer any amount of money in exchange of Lakshmi, but he was determined and rejected his proposal.

Care & Feed provided by Rajveer Singh to Lakshmi…
Lakshmi was born in the Rajveer Singh’s farm, due to which Rajveer was much attached to her. Lakshmi generally eats 50 kg of green fodder, 2 kg of dry and 14 kg grains every day. Almost 6 workers are engaged in the care of Lakshmi and other animals at the farm.

“Cows should be cared for like a child. Cows are very reactive to the love and care that they receive. Dairy farmers should take care of every need of the cows, then only they can get good milk produce.”