Santvir Singh Bajwa


Advocate Turned Farmer Making Agriculture a Success Venture with Poly-house Farming of Flowers

Today just inheriting land is not the only solution to get rid of the loaded debt and the vicious circle of chemical farming which are making farmers handicapped day by day. Farmer is supposed to be a person who has to do the hard work by keeping in mind all the future outcomes and should also be prepared with the alternatives if anyone of the future outcomes fails. And only those farmer who understand this right way of farming by not letting get them shattered from the increasing pressure, with the help of modern technologies, ideal marketing strategies and of course hard work, let their next generation adopt the same profession happily.
This is the story of a Hoshiarpur based advocate Santvir Singh Bajwa who turned into a successful young farmer after seeing the success of his father Jatinder Singh Lally Bajwa in the field of horticulture. Alike his father he chose to do floriculture in poly-house and also made that venture a success.

Santvir Singh Bajwa while sharing his views – “Well, if we observe the trend in present youth, then you can track a clear record of youngsters either going abroad or opting an alternative career option other than farming. And the main reasons behind this is, there is no fixed income in farming and there is a fear of loss. Moreover, weather and government scheme also not accompanies the farmer in a better way which can give assurance of better backup plan.”

Gifted with the same skills as his father who successfully implemented diversification three decades back and established beautiful fruit orchard in the village of Mehlanwali, Santvir too established his own flower poly-house, where he started Gerbera cultivation. Being aware of the market demand for ornamental flowers, Santvir also started farming roses and carnations, which generated good profit to him.

“From my experience of poly-house farming, I want to share an important information with other farmers that farming in poly-house needs the extreme care of the crops and proper farming practices then only you can achieve a good yield. I personally consult the floriculture experts and progressive farmers and also take help from internet to give my best. – Santvir Singh Bajwa

Even now Santvir Singh is also helping his father with new marketing strategies and is making good profit from fruit farming too.
Farming in poly-house is a very profitable venture if the farmers are properly aware of the agriculture practices. Young farmers must try farming in poly-house as their future career it has great scopes and they can make big out of it.