Sher Baz Singh Sandhu

(Dairy Farming)


This is the story of a man who continued his interest in dairy farming and turned it into a successful dairy business- Lakshmi Dairy Farm.

Unlike many other farmers, Sher Baz Singh Sandhu had shifted away his mind in teenage from seeking employment in private and public sectors. His interest was developed in dairy farming and the reason behind Mr. Sandhu’s affinity toward dairy farming was his mother- Harpal Kaur Sandhu.

This love towards dairy farming was a thing which was carried from the maternal side of Sher Baz Singh Sandhu by her mother. In earlier times maternal grandfather of Mr. Sandhu, had a fascination of rearing best breeds of cattle. And this fascination was later on followed by her daughter after marriage, and by seeing his mother’s interest in cattle rearing, Mr. Sandhu was also influenced by it.

In 2002, Mrs. Harpal Kaur passed away. Yes, it was a sad moment for Mr. Sandhu, but after her mother’s death he got an inspiration to pursue his interest of cattle rearing in a better way and that was when he decided of entering the dairy farming venture. Mr. Sandhu sold the old cattle and bought a new buffalo of breed Murrah from a region in Haryana in Rs. 52,000. At that time, that Buffalo used to give 15-16 kg of milk per day.

In 2003, he bought again a new buffalo of the same breed in Rs. 80,000 and this buffalo was giving 25 kg milk at that time.

Then in 2004, he bought a male calf of buffalo in Rs. 75,000, by doing a complete family background check (her mother used to give 20 kg milk and also won an award for it).
And this is how he improved the breed of his farm buffaloes and increased the number of quality buffaloes in his farm.

Once, Lakshmi his buffalo won best breed championship in the Muktsar Mela and just after that, he named his farm – “LAKSHMI DAIRY FARM”.

Not only Lakshmi but many other buffaloes and bull are there like- Dhanno, Rani, Sikander…, who made Mr. Sher Baz Singh Sandhu proud and broke records again and again by winning prizes in Kissan Melas and for milk production and breed championship.

Some of his awards and achievements are mentioned below:
• Lakshmi Dairy Farm holds national record for buffalo milk.
• Sherbaj Singh has been awarded by “State Award for excellent services in Dairy Farming” by CM S. Parkash Singh Badal
• His buffalo came first in 8th National Livestock Championship
• Awarded by Sardar Gulzar Singh in Maghi Mela
• His buffalo won 1st award in milk production competition in Muktsar (2008)
• PDFA Mela in 2008, his buffalo got 1st award
• Buffalo (Dhanno) gave 25 kg milk and broke all records (2015)
• In January his Murrah buffalo won all the prizes in Muktsar Mela (2016)
• His bull (Sikander) won 2nd prize in the Muktsar Mela.
• Lakshmi Buffalo won best breed championship
• Rani Buffalo gave 26 kg and 357 gram of milk and created a new record and won first prize.
• Dhanno Buffalo gave 26 kg milk and came second in the same competition.
• Many articles have been published in the newspaper in advisory magazine

Today, he has total 50 Buffaloes in his farms spread over 1 acres and he sells all the milk in the city to multiple stores. Mr. Sandhu prefers to grow fodder by himself, he has total 40 acres of land in which he grows wheat, paddy, and fodder.

Mr. Sandhu’s son- Barinder Singh Sandhu who is an advocate by profession and his wife- Kulwinder Kaur Sandhu, is also very supportive in managing Lakshmi Dairy Farm. His son has created an FB page by the farm name which has around 3.5 lakhs of followers and he wants to increase the number of followers to 10 lakhs till 2022-23. Because of the farm’s popularity, many people even from foreign, buy buffaloes from them.

Mr. Sandhu always tries to help the farmers with dairy farming and motivate them to progress in it. He also provides good quality semen and milk to farmers.

FUTURE PLAN: His future plan is to increase the farm area and keep only quality buffaloes and provide good quality semen and milk to farmers.


Nowadays farmers are more interested towards rearing foreign breeds rather than local. They think foreign breeds can make them more profit. But this is not true. Because foreign breeds need a different climate and conditions, which is not possible in India. Moreover, rearing foreign breed need more expenses than local breed, which ordinary farmers are not able to manage. Due to which, after some time farmers shift to rearing local breeds or they stop rearing cattle completely.
Farmers should understand that now good breeds are also available in India which can produce 20-25 kg of milk per day. Farmers should opt dairy farming business along with farming because it helps in increasing the income. In this way, farmers can deal with the problem of unemployment and India can progress in dairy farming.