Harnam Singh

(Strawberry Farming)

Story of a Man Who Chose To Stay in His Own Country and Do Something for His Motherland Instead Of Going Abroad

In Punjab, youngsters are besotted by foreign shores and migrating to abroad have become a status symbol and trend in the society. Despite having enough resources in their own motherland, today youngsters have foreign attraction and they prefer to go abroad and get settled there. For most of the people in Punjab, relocation to foreign countries has become a question of identity, even if they do not know what their goals are after going there. Yes earning money is easy in abroad, but not that easy.

With the same dream, a young man of Ludhiana, Mr. Harnam Singh was also planning to go Canada like his other friends, but in the middle, he dropped his idea. After the conversation with his friends, Harnam came to know that, life in abroad is not that easy, you have to work day and night, if you want to make money, moreover you have to stay away from your family. So after knowing their friend’s experience, he thought that, even after going abroad, if he has to face hardships in managing a simple living, then it’s better to live here with family and start doing something in his homeland only. He decided to continue his studies and also help his father in farming.

After that decision, he never looked back or let any second thought enter his mind. Today, Harnam Singh owns Namdhari Strawberry Farm which is stretched in 3.5 acres of land in his native place and is earning profits in lakhs. It all started in 2011 when his father went to PAU for the training of mushroom farming and while coming back he brought 6 seedlings of strawberry for the kitchen garden. And it is when the idea of the strawberry farming came in the mind of Harnam Singh. Gradually with the time 6 seedling became 20, 20 became 50, 50 became 100, 100 became 1000 and 1000 became lakhs. Today, they have around 1 lakh of strawberry plants in their farm. Moreover, to maintain the number of strawberry plants, he has also started cultivating strawberry seedlings in Shimla, by taking an area on rent. Mostly he avoids using chemicals and fertilizers in his farm and prefers natural way of farming. And for packing the strawberries he has packing machines and rest of the work is done by the workers (20-30), which he hires mostly in the season of strawberries. Their yearly production of strawberries is very huge, due to which Harnam has to sell some of the produce himself and the rest he sells to the shops or vegetable market of big cities.

In the meanwhile, Harnam never stopped studying and today he has a good list of academic degrees. He did Graduation in Arts, Diploma in Software Engineering, Diploma in Networking Engineering, and presently, he is pursuing Diploma in B.Sc Agriculture. He also helps the farmers by teaching and guiding them about the strawberry farming without charging them.

Currently, Harnam Singh is living in Ludhiana with his happy and small family (Father, Wife, One Daughter and One Son). His future plan is to expand the strawberry farm to a greater extent and make other farmers aware about the strawberry farming.

Message By Harnam Singh
“Harnam wants to convey the same message that he himself experienced in his life that if you have enough resources with you, then start utilizing it efficiently rather than searching it elsewhere. The youngsters of Punjab should start contributing to their motherland instead of going abroad because they can also earn good profit even by staying here.”