Dr.Ramandeep Singh



In the absence of right information, sound agri-marketing facilities and proper counselings, the farmer of today has to depend upon local traders and middlemen for the disposal of his farm produce, which is sold at throw-away price. To put an end to this overbearing agony of the Indian farmer, Dr. Ramandeep, Professor of Business Management at Punjab Agricultural University along with his team decided to help the farmers in developing new agri-based products and concepts that have greater acceptability amongst the consumers, and in the process helped them to supplement their incomes and also enter into the global markets. Dr. Ramandeep Singh firmly believes that the farmer of today should pursue the path of ‘product development and marketing’ in order to seek an assured market, higher returns, low risk factors and a continuous parallel source of income.

Realizing the power of Social Media, Dr. Ramandeep has been successful in connecting farmers in more than 12000 agri-households to come on a common platform and share information with one another, regarding innovative farming techniques, pricing of products, branding and packaging, studying consumer needs and tastes, and direct marketing of products through the online and offline modes so as to make the concept of farm to table a vibrant reality. Dr. Ramandeep Singh has pioneered the use of WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube as the media for extension education by encouraging more and more farmers across the globe to join these groups.

His social media groups play a very crucial role in the dissemination of latest and useful agricultural information. They are reaching a wide range of audience at a very fast rate; they serve as a veritable instrument not only for information dissemination but also for stimulating farmers’ interest in new ideas and practices in agriculture.

As a result of these record-breaking initiatives by Dr. Ramandeep and his team, a large number of farmers have learnt about the concept of ‘product development’ and started implementing the same. This has not just made them realise the importance and potential of their own produce, but has also helped them become self-sufficient. From encouraging farmers that own a dairy farm to create end-products like cheese, ice cream and so on from the milk to helping beekeepers to sell honey under their own brand name, Dr. Ramandeep’s success stories are endless. Believing in the fact that the youth of today can contribute a lot in the agricultural sector if guided properly, Dr. Ramandeep makes himself available for interaction with the students and youth at the formal platforms during Guest Lectures, Seminars and Conferences and also for guidance and consulting on an informal basis.

You too can be a part of Dr. Ramandeep Singh’s enthusiasm for ushering change by joining his WhatsApp Groups, by the name of Punjab Agri Brand, Punjab Honey, Punjab Poly House, Punjab Innovative, Punjab Horticulture, Punjab Young Farmers, Young Innovative Farmers, Punjab Global, Punjab Farm Tourism, Punjab Tomato, Punjab on Farm markets, Punjab Mushrooms, Punjab YFC Sathiala, Progressive Farmers Punjab, Young Innovative Farmers, NFA Sri Mukatsar Sahib, PB, Horticulture Farmers NFA, Potato Growers, Punjab PHC PAU. Dr. Singh is also administering the following Facebook groups: Foundation for Agri Businesss Awareness and Education, Punjabi Young Innovative farmers and Agri preneurs, Progressive Bee Keepers Association.

A lot of Indian television and radio channels have invited Dr. Ramandeep Singh on their shows to gain insight on his deep knowledge of agriculture research, marketing and management practices, networking for social change and transformation in the agrarian society. Today, almost every household in Punjab is thankful to Dr. Ramandeep for his remarkable contribution towards the concept of agri preneurship in the state.