Sangeeta Tomar


A sibling duo tastes success by selling organic jaggery

You must have surely seen brothers and sisters fighting but have you also seen them working together for running an enterprise towards a business?
Sangeeta Tomar and Bhupinder Singh from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh are perfect examples of siblings who started a Venture together and have successfully reached new heights with their determination and grit.
Sangeeta and Bhupinder were born and brought up in Muzzafarnagar, Sangeeta who got married in the nearby village is well settled with her new family. The proceeding belt of Uttar Pradesh state is known to have the best quality sugarcane, though this crop is grown in other states as well the quality and tastes differ. The duo thought of growing sugarcane on 9.5 acres of land possessed by them and finally in 2019 they started the processing of products made from sugarcane under the name ‘Kisaan Agro- Products’.

List of products

  • Jaggery
  • Shakar
  • Desi Khand
  • Jamun Vinegar
A total of 12 products are produced from jaggery having different flavors which are made from authentic fruits rather than just the essence of Chocolate, Mango, Saunf, Elaichi, Ginger, Mix, Ajwayin, Dry fruit and Peanut jaggery.
Bhupinder Singh never took any training in this field but his ancestors used to cultivate sugarcane and produce Jaggery mostly in the state of Punjab. He didn’t just start practicing the same but understood the need of today’s consumers who wanted to eat small pieces of sugar after having their meal. He ideated on making flavored Jaggery into small pieces where 1 piece = 22 grams, which was easy to eat at a single time with either food or milk as a barfi and also this was far healthier than that being natural.
The technique of producing quality and tasty jaggery has been passed on from generations in our family- Bhupinder Singh
Sangeeta takes care of the marketing and carries out the regular inspection when he is not physically present at the production plant. A point of consideration is the usage of steel-infused machinery which is covered and no pollution occurs while production. Moreover, the products are machine made therefore there is no change in the taste and the adoption of proper measures the flavor is locked with the perfect taste to give for maximum customer satisfaction. The team distributes their products to 106 government stores and 37 private stores in Delhi.
The amount of sugarcane used per day is 125q and to complete this requirement they need to buy this crop from other farmers in their village. The process of making jaggery generally takes place from September to May but when the yield is affected by climatic factors it takes place from September to April only.

Farmer’s Background

Bhupinder Singh got retired in 2009 as an NSG commando from the Indian Army and then worked in a five-star hotel to attain experience in the food industry. In 2019 he decided to do something big from the traditional practices he learned in his village so that people would respect him. He also generated employment for the labourers working in his production plant and his field and also by buying sugarcane from other farmers.
Sangeeta Tomar who has completed her master’s in English major is now an independent woman. Her children are all settled abroad but she wanted to live in her village and practice farming.


A quality product demands a consumer who knows the difference between an organic product and a duplicate product. There are farmers in his village who are making jaggery even in July by using sugar and chemicals. These farmers sell their product at a lesser price which attracts the buyer towards the chemical-made jaggery.


  • Awarded by the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh at Lucknow Gud Mohatsav in 2021
  • Awarded at Muzzafarnagar Gud Mohatsav in 2019


He wants people to come back to agriculture. There are fewer jobs with more applicants and eventually it’s high time to start one’s own business rather than being unemployed. Moreover, agriculture is a diverse sector and there are various fields which one can choose as per their interests.


Bhupinder singh wants to directly sell his products to the consumers without the involvement of middlemen. Which will eventually lead towards more profit for him and similarly the consumer will have to pay less than what he is paying now. He would be able to buy the organic product at a lower price.