Narendra and Lokesh

(Yaduvanshi Goat Farm)

A tale of two friends

If we talk about India, then people do a lot of animal husbandry here. People’s attachment to animals, their maintenance, and their different affinities with them are seen here.
Let us tell you that India has the first place in the world in terms of number of buffaloes, the second place in terms of cow and goat farms, and the third place in terms of number of sheep. Animal husbandry brings in crores of rupees here each year. Today you will read about Narendra and Lokesh, residents of Haryana, India, who started Yaduvanshi Goat Farm and are earning crores of rupees by rearing goats. They both studied at the Army School. Narendra and his friend Lokesh are residents of Narnaul in Mahendragarh district in the state of Haryana. Both had been friends since childhood. Both of them completed their early education at the Army School. Narendra then pursued B.Tech., while his friend Lokesh completed his MCA studies. There was such a friendship between the two that they completed their studies together.
Narendra stated that when he and his friend Lokesh used to study together, both of them did not want to do business. Later, while working at a regular job, they planned to expand their business. Both of them liked their jobs and were earning lakhs of rupees, but both of them made a plan to do something of their own. With this thought, both of them started goat farming. Yaduvanshi Goat Farm was then founded in 2016.
Talking about the farm for goats, Narendra says that if someone is thinking about goat farming, then first of all it is necessary to have a big farm for it. Narendra and Lokesh also prepared a campus of about 3.5 acres for goat rearing. He has an acre and a half of goat land and two acres of green grass for goats. They exclusively deal with the Totapari variety of goat.
Narendra and Lokesh are goat breeders with the largest stall-feeding farm in Haryana. On Narendra’s farm, he has made arrangements for goats to live here according to their age. Young goats are kept in one place. On the other hand, there is a separate arrangement for goats whose age is one year. The goats are segregated on the basis of their age and biological well-being.
There is also a separate arrangement for goats older than one year. They say that it is better if the windows in the goats’ rooms are a little closer to the ground, as this keeps the ground cool. He also advises people not to keep windows at a higher height. Before opening Yaduvanshi Goat Farm, Narendra and Lokesh ensured special care for goats. Proper arrangements have been made for the goats to stay on the farm (Yaduvanshi Goat Farm). Green trees have been planted inside the premises so that the goats get constant shade. Along with their roaming inside the farm, complete arrangements have been made for food and water. An iron feeding structure that can rotate has been installed, and small plastic drums have also been arranged for them to drink water so that they do not face any kind of problem.
Since both friendships have been irreparable throughout this journey, their respective families took pride in their friendship and have been supporting them through their highs and lows.
The health of the goats is also taken into consideration at Narendra and Lokesh’s Yaduvanshi Goat Farm. Narendra says I take care of these goats like my children. From the time they are born until they reach adulthood, he is responsible for their health. Vaccines, medicines, and food are also provided for them following birth. A health checkup is also done from time to time. Goats are vaccinated under the supervision of a veterinarian, and a high nutritional value for goats is maintained all throughout, with no repeat breeding and no virus outbreaks to date.
Narendra says that a virus named Brucella forms quickly in goats. This virus is extremely dangerous and can spread to humans; as a result, blood tests of goats are performed on a regular basis. He says that goats have a designated feed at Yaduvanshi Goat Farm. Special care is taken with regard to the nourishment and upkeep of these goats.
There are now more than a thousand goats on their farm. Yaduvanshi Goat Farm, goats are reared well, Earlier, its number was 500–600, but now the number of goats is increasing rapidly. By the way, up to 3000 goats can be kept on the farm built by Narendra and Lokesh.
Talking about the profit of Yaduvanshi Goat Farm, today Narendra and Lokesh are earning crores annually by selling goats for meat and goat milk. He also sells manure made from goat dung, which costs up to 2,000 rupees for one trolley of cow dung. There is even better income from this. It is used as manure, which is very beneficial for the fields.
Along with goat rearing, Narendra and Lokesh also provide training in goat rearing. If someone is short on money, then such people are given free training. During the training, they are taught everything they need to know about goat rearing. It is also told about the problems in goat rearing. Today, many people are opening their own businesses after getting training from them. It is believed in their locality that these two friends have set an example by opening up such a phenomenal goat farm. These two friends were the first ones to make people in their area aware of goat rearing in their area.
Both the friends share their personal beliefs: everyone wants to eat goat meat, but no one wants to keep it. If you want to eat meat, then goats will also have to be raised properly. For goat farming, he says that this business cannot be successful until the goats are taken care of from birth until they grow up. If there is a slight deficiency or negligence, it can harm your business, and if all things are done well, this business will also provide you with crores of rupees.
For those interested in goat farming and rearing, they run a YouTube channel by the name of Yaduvanshi Goat Farm in order to train people with respect to the upkeep of goats.

Future Aim

Narendra and Lokesh want to export their goats to Gulf countries, where the prices are much higher, to earn more profit. They are also planning to open up new farms so that they can get help in terms of quantity for export business in Gulf countries.


The main challenge in livestock is labour management. With an annual increase in raw materials, the costs flare up. There was previously little commercial knowledge of the goat farming model that Narendra and Lokesh established in order for their own business to thrive.

Message for farmers

Their message is to be patient and get proper training before starting any livestock business. Also, wait at least 2 years in goat farming to get a net profit. Please choose a breed according to your area and business needs, ensure you have well-trained labour, and keep an eye on the goats.