Narayan Lal Dhakad

(Natural Farming, Innovations)

How This 19-Year-Old Boy Is Using YouTube & Facebook to Teach Farmers Sustainable Farming Practices

Young farmers are the future and this 19-year-old boy has proven it right by showing his passion towards farming. Narayan Lal Dhakad is a young boy from Rajasthan- the land of Kings, Legacy, Tourism, Heritage and Rich Culture, and his personality is also very distinctive like his homeland.

Nowadays, we are seeing many examples where educated people of India are choosing agriculture as their working place and are coming up as an independent agri-entrepreneur, same is the case with Narayan Lal Dhakad. Despite, lacking the basic facilities and enough resources, this boy chose the medium of YouTube and Facebook to disseminate knowledge to help the farming community. Currently, he has 60,000 YouTube subscribers and 30,000 Facebook followers. You will be shocked to know that this boy doesn’t have any laptop, personal computer system or any kind of video editing equipment for editing the videos. With the help of his smartphone, he is making informative farming videos.

“My father died some days before my birth and it was a very dreadful situation for my family. My family was facing a severe financial crisis, but even then my mother raised us well by doing farming and labour work. Perceiving the family conditions, I started farming at a very young age and also learned it well very soon.” – Narayan

Living a hand-to-mouth life, Narayan realized that utilizing the resources well and innovating new ideas with simple hacks to deal with daily common pest and farm issues, is the best thing. Narayan also recognized that the big part of the farming expense is just because of the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and this is the only reason which builds a big mountain of debt over the farmers.

“When it comes to adopting organic farming, then every farmer cannot successfully do it, because its productivity is low; and in distant locations, organic spray and products are not easily available.” – Narayan

Understanding the problem of his area, Narayan invented many easy techniques to control termite, Nilgai, pest and crop disease. All the techniques developed by Narayan were successful and were very cheap that any farmer can easily follow. And to make his techniques available to every farmer he makes videos with his phone, explain everything in it and share it on YouTube and Facebook.

Despite facing difficulties in making videos through his phone, he never dropped his idea of helping the farmers. Narayan has reached out to many farmers in his area and has solved their problem by reaching out to Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s and Agriculture Scientists.


“Farmers should adopt organic farming because using chemicals and pesticides on their farm not only harm the environment but also their own people. Moreover, by following organic farming farmer can take healthy yield without doing expenses on the pesticides and insecticides.”


Narayan Lal Dhakad has written a success story at just the age of 19. By seeing his passion and determination to work harmoniously towards sustainable agriculture practices, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare has nominated him for Krishi Award in 2018.

Today, Narayan Lal Dhakad has become an emerging voice in India which has the capability to change worsening circumstances of farmers.
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