Mahaveer Dhariwal

(Food Processing)

“I dream; therefore, I am”—Mahaveer Dhariwal

As his name implies for the man himself, ‘Mahaveer’, which means courageous, since his family was deeply rooted in farming for years. His inner calling was to do something of his own, which gave birth to “Pushkar Food Industry” in Bhavata, Sardhana district, Ajmer. He started by growing different varieties of roses like damask & Chinese on a 12-acre farm to make Gulkand.

Mahaveer Dhariwal is a Chief Life Insurance Officer who’s worked with LIC for over 25 years in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He paved his own path to success and started growing roses to produce gulkand in his own garden. Today, he is the proud owner of the most famous gulkand in Rajasthan “PFI Gold Gulkand”.

Mahaveer Singh believed in serving a greater purpose of feeding people for all the good reasons. He grew roses to produce Gulkand over the years, but on a smaller scale for his personal use. As a farmer, he knew that Gulkand is rich in antioxidants and is an energy booster. Taking Gulkand regularly could relieve people from severe ulcers, constipation, and heartburn. He was aware that Rajasthan is one of the hottest states in India. The use of gulkand in summer helps in preventing sunstrokes, nostril bleeding, and dizziness. Taking a step forward, he started moving ahead without looking back. His family has been supportive ever since they had nurseries for the last 15 years.

While working as a Chief Life Insurance Officer, he turned his odds in his favour by growing roses on his farm. Later, during the pandemic, he developed high-quality organic Amla products. Today he has 3-4 different types of products made out of Gulkand & 6-7 out of Amla.

As we grow with time, so did the Pushkar Food Industry. Entering a new phase of growth, Mahaveer is improvising and working hard every day to come up with new products. Mahaveer’s brand consists of 14–15 food products that are packaged and labelled under his supervision. All the products manufactured by his company are FSSAI approved (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)

List of products:

  • Amla products such as Murabba, Amla powder & Amla Organic Ladoo.
  • A variety of Amla candies
  • Paan, ice cream, and shakes made from Gulkand and honey
  • Masalas such as Haldi, Kasturi Methi, and Pudina are grown as well.
He recently came up with varieties of passionfruit and dragon fruit, which are only available with him in the entire state of Rajasthan.

His speciality encompasses Amla ladoo, which most people in his locality fondly enjoy. The purpose of coming up with such a unique creation was to cater to health-conscious people.

While talking to him, he stated people are willing to spend Rs 600-700 on Kaju Barfi whereas our ladoos are under the price bracket of Rs 300 and are a healthier option for those who believe in eating mindfully.

To add more, he said it is more of a self-journey where he is progressing and learning every day. He directly sells his products to the users as he believes he can’t compromise on quality.

Previously, the Pushkar Food Industry has been covered and the telecast was aired on Doordarshan TV for their quality products and Mr. Mahaveer’s determination.
Mr. Mahaveer’s story makes us believe that if you have the courage and belief, you can go a long way. As the saying goes, “Faith does not make things easy, but it makes them possible.”


He believes that the most challenging part for farmers is that they are unaware of government policies that are made for them and cater to their needs. The assistance that is required to learn more is missing.

Future plans

Mahaveer’s main agenda is to shift his business across India. & open numerous walk-in stores. To begin with, his first store is opening in Jaipur, and the next destination will be Delhi.