Chamkaur Singh

(Tomato Farming)

Cultivating Success: Chamkaur Singh’s Journey in Farming and Contract Agriculture

In Ina Baja, a small village nestled in the heart of Punjab, a man named Chamkaur Singh has carved a name for himself in the field of agriculture. With a passion for farming deeply ingrained in his soul, Chamkaur has transformed his humble beginnings into a flourishing enterprise that encompasses a variety of crops and provides employment to fifty individuals.

Chamkaur’s journey commenced in 1991 when he took his first steps into the world of farming. Inspired by the bountiful fields of his friend, he resolved to learn the intricacies of agricultural practices. With unwavering determination, he sought guidance from the esteemed university, which equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on his farming venture.

Starting with a meager two canal land, Chamkaur initially focused on cultivating potatoes. The success he achieved in this endeavor fueled his ambitions, leading him to expand his operations to two acres. In due course, he diversified his crops to include tomatoes, cotton, paddy, wheat, capsicum, and cauliflower. Over time, his enterprise expanded exponentially, now spanning over fifty acres of land.

Notably, twenty-five acres of Chamkaur’s vast expanse are dedicated solely to tomato cultivation. Recognizing the potential in this crop, he established a strong partnership with the esteemed Crevice Company. Every day, two trucks laden with freshly harvested tomatoes depart from his farm, destined to meet the demands of Crevice’s discerning clientele. To enhance his expertise in tomato farming, Chamkaur sought training from Balwinder Singh Bhalimansa in Hisar, specifically focusing on the selection and management of tomato seeds.

Chamkaur’s dedication and proficiency did not go unnoticed. In 2008, he was honored with an award from the Chief Minister of Punjab, recognizing his outstanding contributions to agriculture. His expertise in crop diseases and management has made him a trusted resource for private companies, who often choose his farms as ideal locations to conduct demonstrations for their new agricultural products. Despite his achievements, Chamkaur remains modest and shy on stage, preferring to let his work speak for itself.

In addition to his accomplishments, Chamkaur has been a beneficiary of various subsidies from the Horticulture department. These subsidies have facilitated the acquisition of essential equipment such as crates, spray pumps, power meters, and even a small air conditioner. Chamkaur acknowledges that problems are an inherent part of life, and instead of succumbing to them, he embraces challenges and strives to forge ahead, armed with resilience and determination.

One of Chamkaur’s notable endeavors has been his involvement in contract farming. In 1994, he embarked on tomato farming and wisely chose to divide his yield. Half of his produce was sold to a local factory, ensuring a steady income, while the remaining half made its way to the open market. Over time, he established a partnership with Punjab Agro and eventually forged an association with Crevice, a decision that proved immensely beneficial.

Through his experiences, Chamkaur has recognized the merits of contract farming. The fixed rates offered in such arrangements mitigate the risks associated with uncertain market prices, providing stability and security for farmers. Furthermore, collaborating with companies grants access to invaluable technical knowledge that enhances a farmer’s understanding and facilitates their growth. Chamkaur firmly believes that every farmer should consider joining contract farming and offers himself as a resource, willing to extend a helping hand to fellow agriculturists. He is prepared to provide training and nursery facilities but emphasizes that hard work is essential for success.

Chamkaur Singh’s achievements extend beyond farming alone. He has also ventured into the production and sale of G2 and G3-level potatoes.

Message to farmers

If you are a diligent, hardworking farmer seeking support, a valuable opportunity awaits. Reach out to Chamkaur Singh, he offers not only guidance but also training and nursery services. Seize the chance to enhance your skills, access resources, and cultivate a prosperous future.