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Khushpal Singh

(Sugarcane Processing)

Farmer Reaping Profit by Giving a Healthy Twist to Jaggery

In our country, most of the agriculture-based families choose traditional farming methods over modern. But still, there are some farmers who are changing with time and are turning agriculture into a profitable business and are also setting a great example in the society with their significant efforts.

Sardar Jiyun Singh, father of Khushpal Singh, a farmer based in Punjab’s Maana village of district Sangrur, used to do conventional farming on 22 acres of land.

Being born and brought up in a farmer’s family, Mr. Khushpal Singh’s interest was also towards agriculture. And after the sudden death of his father, all the family and farm’s responsibilities came onto his shoulders. He started growing other crops like mustard, turmeric, paddy, potatoes and maize along with wheat. As time progressed, he also started beekeeping and dairy farming. For beekeeping purposes, he used to take the honey bees to other states and places like Rajasthan, Afghangarh and so on, but after some time due to some reasons, he had to quit the beekeeping business.

Later, he thought of adding something additional to his farming routine. So, he decided to start sugarcane farming. To start with a strong base he gathered all the information from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana and took training from KVK Rauni, Patiala. Steadily and systematically he began taking his steps forward, and from farming sugarcane, he started processing it into jaggery.

Jaggery prepared by him was liked by everyone. On people’s demand, he also started preparing powdered jaggery and other products. After achieving this small but appreciable milestone, he never turned back and started working hard to fulfill the customers’ demand. People from the nearby village started recognizing him because of his work.

“We use fertilizer in sugarcane farming as recommended by PAU, and the jaggery prepared by the cane juice is completely chemical-free. No color or preservatives are added in it.” – Khushpal Singh
List of products produced by Mr. Khushpal Singh:
  • Jaggery
  • Powdered Jaggery
  • Jaggery with fennel seeds
  • Flax seeds powder
  • Sesame seed bar
  • Jaggery with dry fruits
  • Medicated Jaggery
  • Turmeric Jaggery

To sell the produce he is running a ghulad by the name “Zimidara ghulad Sarao & Gill” at Patiala-Sangrur road. People come from far & wide to buy jaggery and other products from him.

Most of his customers order & purchase jaggery from him on the basis of their demand. He also put up his stalls in Kisan Melas, other than ghulad. The admiration and praise that he receives from his customers motivate him more to produce quality and natural products.

In this whole venture, Mr. Khushpal Singh gets full support from his family, especially from his brother Mr. Harbaksh Singh, who always stands with him in all the good & bad times.

“Anyone can come to ghulad and order jaggery based on their choice and demand; in the meanwhile, they can stand nearby and see the product getting prepared themselves.” – Khushpal Singh
Future Plans

In the future, Mr. Khushpal Singh is planning to extend his product list, and also to introduce his products in the market with great packaging with good marketing and promotion.

“Youngsters should also try contributing to the agriculture field along with their studies, job and career. We should drop out this thinking from our minds that agriculture is a work which is done by the backward and illiterate people.”