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Rishab Singla

(Food Processing)

Haryana’s 23-year-old young boy is emerging as an example for other youngsters

In this era of unemployment, our young generation is either becoming a drug addict or settling down abroad. But on the other side, there are few youngsters like Rishab Singla, who are doing miracles by their innovative ideas in the field of agriculture. This is the story of a 23 year old young boy Rishab Singla from Haryana, who wants to achieve something different in his life. He has pursued BBA and wished to do his own business. As we all know, now-a-days, each and every person, from a small child to old ones, everybody likes chocolates a lot. So, Rishab started to think about chocolate manufacturing. During his studies, he came to know that organic farming of cocoa plants is done in Karnataka. But he was not much aware about this because his father was a trader of intense sticks. In order to know more about cocoa plants, he went to COORG (Karnataka). After getting proper information about cocoa plants and their cultivation, he decided to start chocolate manufacturing.

In February, 2018, Rishab purchased organic cocoa beans from the farmers of Karnataka and for the first time with the help of mixer-grinder, he prepared a chocolate at home. In the starting, he faced a number of problems in doing this work but he never lost hope. He made a variety of different flavours chocolates successfully. In this way, he started to manufacture chocolates at his home. His family members also helped him in making chocolates, but as the work load started to increase, he hired 8 labourers in manufacturing process, resulting in employment of the unemployed.

“According to me, it is okay to earn low profits in a business but it is not okay compromising on the quality of the product. We focus more on increasing our quality rather than increasing profits. Because, currently people only get adulterated food products due to which health problems increase.” – Rishab Singla

Rishab Singla always purchases only organic cocoa beans and manufacture chocolates from them. Now Rishab has started to procure organic cocoa beans from Bengal also. After gaining complete knowledge about cocoa beans and preparing chocolates from them, now he has started packaging of the chocolates himself. He does the packaging of chocolates in such an effective manner that customers can get the idea of the quality from the outside itself. His customers feel extremely delighted after tasting the chocolates.

Being a young boy, he understands the importance of social media in everybody’s life. By using social media as a tool, he started online marketing of his brand ‘Shyam Ji chocolate’. By doing this, his business got a new direction.

“Manually, the work can be done with more accuracy and perfection rather than using machines. But efficiency of work can be more using machines and also it becomes easy to do with the help of these.” – Rishab Singla

Products by Shyam Ji Chocolate:

  • 85% Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 75% Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 55% Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 19% Organic Chocolate Bar In So much Different flavors
  • Sea salt Organic Chocolate Bar


  • Mind Booster Chocolate Bar
  • Jaggery Chocolate Bar
  • Chia Seeds Chocolate Bar
  • Fiber Booster Chocolate Bar
  • Black Pepper Chocolate Bar
  • Flex Seeds Chocolate Bar

Festival Item

  • Festive Celebration Assorted 15 pieces Chocolate Box

Future plans:
As Rishab has been into chocolate manufacturing for a year , he plans to continue his work only in high quality chocolates.

He also has plans to establish his own chocolate company which will be equipped with all the latest technology.

“Rishab prepares only organic products and he wants to spread his message that we must use only organically prepared products because we cannot have happiness, peace and success without good health.”