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Mota Ram Sharma

(Mushroom Farming)

A Farmer Who Treated Chronic Cancer-Like Illness With Mushrooms

All farmers do farming, but the farmer whose story we are going to share with you is different from others. Hardly any farmer would have thought about treating patients along with farming. And Mota Ram Sharma is one such farmer who became a doctor because of mushroom cultivation.

Mota Ram Sharma, famously known as Mushroom Man, used to do mushroom cultivation in his 5 Bigha land along with dairy farming almost 24 years ago. Mushroom farming was not in trend in Rajasthan at that time. He started growing oyster mushrooms in the beginning. Most of the farmers only knew about button mushrooms at that time. So, Mota Ram prepared powder out of mushrooms and started feeding the cattle, as he was unable to market the large quantity of oyster mushrooms he had grown. After feeding on this powder, incurable disease like Mastitis in cows was even cured. Mota Ram started growing oyster mushrooms on a large scale after this achievement. When agriculture authorities came to know about this, they advised him to take training. He went to Solan and Jaipur to take the training. And after acquiring all the skills and information, he started growing button and shiitake mushrooms. He started selling button mushrooms in Delhi Mandi, from which he started earning well. Presently, he is doing mushroom farming without using an air conditioner.

As the time passed, I came to know on the basis of my discovery that we can also use mushrooms to prevent many different diseases. There are many varieties of mushrooms that are nothing short of lifesaving panacea for humans. – Mota Ram Sharma

While farming mushrooms, Mota Ram also started preparing mushroom seeds and now he is farming 16 different varieties of mushrooms.

In 2010, he became the first farmer to grow Ganoderma Mushroom in India, due to which he received the Mushroom King of India Award. He uses this ganoderma mushroom variety to make cancer medicines.
“We treat heart and cancer patients with medicines prepared by us. So far we have achieved success in 90% of the cases.” – Mota Ram Sharma

Many people are surprised due to this inspiring feat of Mota Ram Sharma, who has passed only fifth class and has no college degree. During the time of his discovery, he came to know that the cause of cancer in humans is due to deficiency of Vitamin B-17 in the body and this vitamin is present in the Ganoderma mushroom. Presently, he is making different medicines from mushrooms, from which he is treating cancer patients.

Around his farm, he has planted Ashoka trees, Aloe Vera, Asparagus and Giloy plants, which he uses to make medicines.

Both the sons of Mota Ram Sharma are doctors, but now they also do mushroom farming with their father.

Mr. Sharma grows 16 different exotic varieties of mushrooms, whose names are as follows:
  • Ganoderma Mushroom
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Pink Mushroom
  • Sajar Kaju Mushroom
  • Kabul Anjai
  • Black Ear Mushroom
  • Button Mushroom
  • Oyster Mushroom
  • Dhingri Mushroom
  • DJ Moore Mushroom
  • Citro Mushroom
  • Shiitake Mushroom
  • Sagar Kaju Sarikhi Mushroom
  • Paneer Mushroom
  • Florida Mushroom
  • Codechef Mushroom

Mota Ram Sharma has received many awards because of his efforts and discoveries made in the field of mushroom farming, which are as follows:

  • Best Mushroom Farmer Award (2010)
  • Krishi Ratna (2010)
  • Krishi Samrat (2011)
  • Mushroom King Award Of India (2018)
  • Member Of Rashtriya Mushroom Board
  • Many farmers visit Mr. Sharma’s farm for mushroom farming training
Future Plans

In the coming future, Mota Ram wants to help farmers and solve their problems with his experience and do more innovations in the field of mushroom farming.

“Farmers should take advice from experts to solve their difficulties faced in the field of agriculture and should look forward to making new discoveries in every field.”