Gurwinder Singh

(RAS fish farming)

Gurwinder Singh: A Pioneer in Bee Farming and Fish Farming

Recognizing the potential for diversification, Gurwinder ventured into fish farming, implementing the RAS method. His farm boasts 15 tanks, each with a diameter of 4 feet and a depth of 4.5 feet, capable of accommodating 7000 fishes. With careful feeding and maintenance, the fish are ready for sale within 5 to 6 months, offering a considerable profit margin of ₹70,000 per tank.

Gurwinder’s success can be attributed to his meticulous approach and continuous learning. He availed a 5-day training program from a government centre in Haryana and extensively researched online to enhance his knowledge. Notably, he has introduced the Vietnamese and Singhi fish variety, which exhibits a low susceptibility to diseases.

An advantage of Gurwinder’s farming endeavours is their low labour requirement. A single person can manage bee farming, and the trading of fishes can be done directly with buyers or through the Mandi in Ludhiana. To maintain optimal conditions, the farm employs a well-designed roofing structure that aids in regulating temperatures throughout the year. In winter, the tanks are completely covered, while in summer, a green net cover is used, complemented by the RAS system filters. Temperature monitoring meters have also been installed to ensure precise control.

Gurwinder Singh’s success story demonstrates the potential of sustainable and profitable agriculture practices. Through his dedication and family support, he has transformed his small-scale ventures into flourishing enterprises. Aspiring farmers can learn from his experiences and strive to make a difference in the agricultural landscape by embracing innovative approaches and leveraging the wealth of opportunities available closer to home.

Message to farmers

Gurwinder Singh’s achievements stand as an inspiration to fellow farmers. He encourages them to explore local opportunities and highlights the importance of focusing on labour within India, even in small-scale businesses. In a noble gesture, he extends his support by offering free training to any farmer interested in learning these techniques.