Gurpreet Shergill


Man Bringing Flower-Farming Renaissance in Punjab

In the recent years, floriculture has emerged as a rising agri-business in India and 20% annual growth in exports has been observed in the floriculture industry. This is a good insignia representing the development of agri-sector in India which is only possible due to the contribution of some hardworking revolutionary countrymen.

1996 was the year when the man behind the Punjab Flower Farming Renaissance- Gurpreet Singh Shergill, took his first step towards floriculture, and today he is well-recognized floriculturist associated with many prestigious government bodies.

Gurpreet Singh Shergill – “After completing my degree in 1993 in Mechanical Engineering, I was confused about my career choice. I always wanted to do a work which makes me happy and gives me recognition, not that work which gives my worldly pleasures.”

Gurpreet Singh Shergill chose the farming field and along with that he also started dairy farming as his full-time profession. He never felt satisfied with his work, which made him work harder and think deeper. That was when he realized that he is not here to fall into the trap of wheat-paddy cycle and it took 3 years to understand this. Flowers always fascinated him, so with the expert advice of his father – Baldev Singh Shergill and support of his brother – Karanjit Singh Shergill, he decided to give floriculture a try. Marigold was the first successful yield that he got in that season.

After that nothing stopped him from achieving what he wanted…One main person to whom Gurpreet Singh Shergill gives the major credit, apart from father and brother is his wife, she is the main supporting pillar throughout his farming venture.

Marigold harvest was followed by Gladiolus, Gulzafri, Rose, Statice and Gypsophila harvests. This is how he turned into someone from a regular farmer.

Some stats about his foreign trips

In 2002, his quest for knowledge and know-how, took him Holland, where he attended Floriade (International Flower Exhibition organized after every 10 years).

He also visited world’s largest auction centre for fresh flowers in Aalsmeer, Holland.

In 2003, he also attended World Rose Convention in Glasgow, UK.

How he diversified his farming activities…

With his flourishing floriculture work, he established Vermicompost plant and added fishery in his farming practices.

Vermicompost plant is supporting him dually- he is using the compost in his field as well also selling it in the market.

He has also created his product line which includes Rose Water, Rose Sharbat, Aloe-Vera and Amla Juice. Compost and Rosewater are sold under the brand name “Balson”, and Rose Sharbat, Aloe Vera and Amla Juice under the brand name of “Shergill Farm Fresh”.

With his sheer hard work and dedication, he transformed his passion for agriculture into a successful business.

Many agriculture-related government bodies soon recognized his efforts and awarded him with multiple awards… some of the prominent awards are:

• Punjab Chief Minister Award, 2011 by PAU, Ludhiana

• Jagjivan Ram Innovative Farmer Award, 2012 by ICAR, New Delhi

• N.G. Ranga Farmer Award, 2014 by ICAR, New Delhi

• Innovative Farmer Award, 2015 by IARI, New Delhi

• Nominated for Member of National Advisory Panel (NAP) for Farmer’s FIRST Programme, 2016 by IARI, New Delhi

Even after, accomplishing so much, Gurpreet Singh Shergill never brags about his achievements. He is a very clear-head person who always seeks different information sources to grab knowledge and relate it to his farming practices. In the pastime, he likes to read agriculture magazines like Modern Kheti, Floriculture Today, Kheti Dunia etc. He is also an active participant in agriculture fairs and events. He believes in sharing the knowledge and he never let down any farmer who come for help. To help the farmer community, he is playing a major role as an Apni Kheti expert by contributing his knowledge.

Gurpreet Shergill has shown that if one is dedicated and hardworking, one can achieve success. And in today’s time when farmers are reeling with losses and debts and committing suicides, he stands as a torchbearer for the entire agricultural community by demonstrating that diversification is the need of the hour as well as the path to a better future for the agricultural community.

To know more about his diversified agriculture business visit his website.