Balwinder Kaur

(Food Processing)

Story of a women, who is doing great with her talent

“After marriage, every women is to take care of her household”, this is the thinking of our society. But a women is the one, who can do anything to solve the critical conditions of her family.

This is a story of a woman, Balwinder Kaur, who belongs to a middle class family and her qualification is in M.A (Punjabi). After completion of her studies, she got married to Mr. Gurwinder Singh, who was working in a private company. Due to some reasons, he gave resign to his job and this led to poor financial conditions of the family. For improving the financial conditions of her family, Mrs. Balwinder Kaur decided to offer a helping hand to her husband, and he also supported Balwinder in this decision. As it is rightly said, If your better-half walks along with you every obstacle becomes easier to handle and with her husbands’ support, she started a PG(Paying Guest) in the house. The work flourished in the starting, but later on she decided to shut it down because earning was very less. Then she thought of opening a boutique but again dropped the idea of same. In 2008-09, she did a course of beautician but she was not interested in this so she never thought of taking over it in her career.

From the very beginning, my interest was in cooking. All my relatives and friends knew that I am a very good cook, that’s why they always appreciate my cooking skills. Finally, I thought of opting this hobby as my career. – Balwinder Kaur

Pickle prepared by Balwinder Kaur is all time in demand from her relatives because of its deliciousness.

For polishing her talent, Balwinder Kaur got a training of making pickles and chutneys from Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology Liaison office, Bathinda. There she met Dr. Gurpreet Kaur Dhillon, who guided her and encouraged her to expand her work.

Now-a-days, people are having health issues due to consuming adulterated food from outside. So I thought of serving people by making pure home made food products. – Balwinder Kaur

As she knew the importance of marketing and labelling in any business, so with the help of Dr. Satwinder Kaur and Harinder Kaur, she got the training in packing and labelling of the products.

After getting the training in Squash manufacturing from KVK, Bathinda, she started her work at home. She made a Self Help Group (SHG) in which there were 12 women. These women helped her in cutting the material and in packing of the prepared products.

This SHG helps me in my work and also it provides employment to other women which gives me a huge satisfaction. – Balwinder Kaur
The training was the key to sharpen the inborn skills of Balwinder.

Products prepared by Balwinder Kaur:
  • Pickle- Mix, Sweet, Salty, Amla
  • Chutney- Amla, Tomato, Apple, Lemon, Bottle-gourd, Mango
  • Squash- Mango, Guava
  • Sharbat- Apple, Litchi, Rose, Mix
We sell our products in the village only and outside the village we deliver them free of cost. – Balwinder Kaur
Balwinder Kaur manufacture and sell her products under her Brand name “Zebra Smart Food” She has also made a whatsapp group (7589827287), where she directly take orders from the customers and deliver to them.

Future Plans:
She want to sell her products worldwide so that people should come to know the taste and quality of her self-made products.

“We should use organically prepared products only that will help us and our children to remain fit and healthy.
Those women who want to do something, must come forward with their ideas. They should not waste their time in thinking at home. Not only cooking, whatever their passion is. They should make efforts to fulfill their dreams. Have faith in God and keep working hard.”