Baljit Singh Kang

(Organic Farming)


Meet Baljit Singh Kang from – a teacher turned into an organic farmer. Organic farming was not the principal idea for which Mr. Kang get early retirement from his teaching profession. It was his kids for whom he took early retirement and along with that he also started farming.

Baljit Singh Kang always wanted to do something different and not be a part of monotony and old traditions, and he found that something different in organic farming. Farming was not the primary occupation of his family, as his father and brother were already settled in abroad. But Baljit wanted to do something great by staying in his own country.

Just after completing his M.A. in Punjabi, Baljit got a job in school as a teacher. After working for some times as a teacher he opened his own restaurant from 2003 to 2010. In 201o he decided to quit restaurant business and start organic farming. In 2011, he got married and after some time he was blessed with two beautiful children, a daughter and a son. Daughter is now 4 year old and son is 2 year old.

Earlier he was using chemicals on a low scale, but in later he turned towards organic. He sowed maize crop in 1-acre of land. But everyone in his village was making fun of him because he planted maize in winters. Baljit was so determined and confident that he never let the bad words and negativity affect him. When harvesting time came, at that time he harvested 37 quintals of maize and that was above his imagination. The harvested produce encouraged him to expand the framing work and he took 1.5-acre land more on the lease.

Shifting from chemical to organic farming was a huge step for Baljit, but he never looked back. He started growing vegetables on 6 acres of land. On his farm, he grew every type of fruit trees and he has also established vermi-compost plant which benefits him a lot. He hires no extra labour for his work and is earning well from organic farming.

Future Plans:
Currently, he is growing mustard, basmati, wheat, and vegetables at his farm in 6 acres of land. In future, he wants to partner with Kheti Virasat Mission to market his products on his own.
Message to farmers-
Farmers should start working themselves and stop depending on the third person for marketing. The second thing that farmers should understand is for better future organic farming is the only solution. Farmers should stop using chemicals and start adopting organic farming.