Baldev Singh Brar


Baldev Singh Brar- A Progressive Farmer with 80-Year-Old Body but 25 Year Young Mind and Soul

1960 was the year when Baldev Singh Brar S/o Arjan Singh started farming and it was same year when Green Revolution was at its peak time. Ever since then, neither his enthusiasm nor his passion has diminished for farming.

Born and brought up on the land of Punjab – village Singhawala, district Moga, Baldev Singh Brar has made considerable achievements in the agriculture sector and won several awards from Agriculture Department, Firozpur.

He chose to do farming priority wise by taking advice from agriculture scientist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Moga (Punjab). His main attention was especially towards the cultivation of Wheat and Guar. And after some time, he shifted his interest towards the cultivation of poplar and papaya by replacing paddy. In 1985 he also turned his way towards horticulture by planting Kinnow in 9 acres and vineyard in 3 acres to earn more profit. For the domestic purpose, he grows fruits and vegetables separately. In total, he has 37 acres of land out of which 27 acres is his own and 10 acres on the contract basis.

His Achievements:

Baldev Singh Brar was not only interested towards farming but also towards farm mechanization to make agriculture practices easier. Once he gave a technical advice to an industrial unit of Moga to develop a machine for puddling of paddy at a low cost and that machine has become very famous now.

He has also developed a powerful spring cultivator that is capable of breaking the hard layer of the paddy fields after harvesting.

One of his smart implementations through which he is earning good, is the advice given by agriculture scientist. He always keeps a full documentation of his income and expenditure. And in order to never let down the curiosity worm of agriculture inside him, he always attends “Farmer Fairs” to become aware of new inventions and trends in the field of agriculture. He also motivates other farmers towards scientific farming methods for better results.

“A farmer is a nation builder, so he should never feel down and hopeless in the time of difficulties. A farmer should be versatile in adapting the modern eco-friendly agriculture trends, then only he can progress and take good yield out of the land.”